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Few Roughly half of Moroccans are dissatisfied with their country’s formal educational

system, but, relatively speaking, Moroccans are more satisfied with the state of the formal

education system than they are with other government-provided services such as health

care. Nevertheless, findings from the Arab Barometer public opinion survey reveal there is

significant concern about the effectiveness of the government’s efforts to address

educational needs. Moreover, they also show that most Moroccans worry about the ability

to provide children with a quality education. Given these sentiments, supplementary

programs outside the formal system could play a role in improving educational outcomes

in Morocco.

At present, very few Moroccans participate in youth non-formal education (NFE) programs.

However, among those who live in a household that includes a participant in such a

program, levels of satisfaction are very high. Meanwhile, among households without a

participant, a sizable minority hold a negative perception of these programs. Thus, it

appears that participation and the perception of such programs are linked. Likely, if more

Moroccan youth took part in such programs, views of NFE programs would improve in the

Kingdom. Overall, the most salient barrier to participation is cost, meaning any efforts to

increase participation must address the affordability of non-formal education programs.

The types of NFE programs that are most preferred by Moroccans are those that provide

youth with practical and tangible skills related to career development. However, citizens

also appear open to programs that promote skills in critical thinking. For example, survey

results show that Moroccans across all demographic backgrounds prefer an educational

system that stresses critical thinking over one emphasizing rote memorization. While there

remain a number of important barriers to consider in designing non-formal education

programs focused on teaching these skills, such programs have potential to successfully

address many of the needs of Moroccan youth.

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