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Few Algerians are satisfied with the state of education in their country and a majority of the

population is dissatisfied with the formal education system. However, a plurality approves

of government efforts to improve the education system even though an overwhelming

majority of Algerians are worried about the ability to provide children with a good

education. Given these sentiments, supplementary education programs outside the formal

curriculum could be used to help alleviate these concerns.

Even though few Algerians participate in youth non-formal education programs, the

country enjoys higher rates of participation than do many other countries in the Middle

East and North Africa. Among those who have participated, rates of satisfaction with such

programs are high overall. Nevertheless, the reputation of NFE leaves much to be desired,

with over half of non-participants holding a negative view of such programs. To increase

their viability, NFE programs need to improve their popular image in Algeria. Meanwhile,

the primary barrier to participation is cost, indicating that efforts to increase enrollment in

NFE must also address affordability.

Algerians are most interested in NFE programs that emphasize job-related skills that in turn

promote career development. Moreover, the results of the survey make clear that critical

and analytical thinking in the education system are also highly valued by ordinary

Algerians. This finding holds across a variety of demographic differences, indicating

widespread support throughout the country. If barriers are limited and programs

emphasizing skills of interest to Algerians are promoted, then youth non-formal education

programs are more likely to be successful in addressing the needs of Algerian citizens.

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